Adrienne, we are so very sorry for your loss. Words cannot suffice or soothe the cavity that has been carved from your soul in losing David.

Quite remarkably, you have figured out a way to begin filling that cavity of grief, with hope and care, by serving others who have experienced loss as well.

You’ve stepped bravely into a therapeutic area that blends proven clinical practice with equine assisted learning techniques, and you use your love of horses to express and to teach others to love and to care for themselves and those around them, at a time when many are at wits end and are cratered by their own grief and loss. Talk about a remarkable act of service…

So on this anniversary of David’s passing, we celebrate you Adrienne and Holistic Horsemanship Services, for the selfless saving and teaching that you do for so many others.

“Adrienne, just wanted to say thank you for playing such a major part in this film and with our 10 year anniversary. The First Lady was very impressed. She told us that she wants every kid in Virginia to do equine therapy!!! You are a great friend and partner. Thank you!”
-Ken Falke, Chairman, Boulder Crest Foundation

“Adrienne is my real life super hero. She has had a life changing affect on me and several people very close to me with her genuine character and deep rooted love for helping others. Adrienne’s approach is pure and takes her clients to their core, helping them to have those light bulb moments which lead to real change. I have observed her with children and adults alike, and her techniques are ingenious, effective, and transformative. There are no bandaids in this program and the work of self-reflection and understanding happens in a beautiful space with animals that have no agenda. HHS is a place to feel safe, allow expression, and to grow. I leave Adrienne feeling a burden lifted. I will always be her biggest fan for how much she has helped my loved ones.”
-Colleen Roberts

“As one of my Lord Fairfax Community College students was completing a recreation practicum experience with Adrienne, I was excited to learn about her services. While Adrienne’s professional experience is vast and diverse, it is her calm and caring demeanor and passion for holistic healing that had me hooked! I am excited for my students to tour and experience therapeutic recreation through equine services.” -Stacey

“I have known Adrienne for several years since working as a volunteer with her in a therapeutic riding center. She worked hard to teach her students to bond with their horses using Natural Horsemanship techniques. Now that she has her own practice, I am grateful for her encouragement to work more deeply with horses. Her pony, Lucy, was a good teacher for my first lesson. I am looking forward to getting to know her better! Adrienne is a soothing yet uplifting instructor. Highly recommended!” -Cindy

“We came into town for a weekend of fox hunting. Adrienne was an amazing host. The stalls were wonderful, the pastures are great, and the location is impeccable. I highly recommend keeping your horses with Adrienne!” -Lana

“I have been going to Holistic Horsemanship for several months now…I couldn’t be happier. I have been an avid horse back rider and owner for over 20 or so years; mostly using the traditional ways of working with our horses. A couple years ago I sustained a concussion while riding which caused me to develop severe anxiety and confidence issues. I posted a question on an equine group I belong to on Facebook about options available to me. Adrienne reached out to me, so I scheduled an appointment to come see her farm. Several weeks and sessions later, my confidence has improved tremendously. I’ve learned various techniques for relaxation and being connected with the horse – I just love working with Penny. My sessions have even helped me at work…I have a coworker that’s a bully. In the past I would have gotten upset by reacting to whatever she said or did. Now, when things happen, I don’t say a single word and go about my day. I have developed a newfound interest in working with horses and establishing a connection with them. I just want to thank Adrienne for all she’s done for me.” -Lisa

“Adrienne Freeland is amazingly passionate about her work and has a drive for giving her clients horse experiences that are not only powerful in the moment but continue to be powerful moving forward in their life.” -Kristin

“I recently moved my horse, Blue Jeans, from the stables at Holistic Horsemanship Services to our new barn at home. It was one of the most difficult decisions I’ve had to make in a long time. The care he received at HHS was the best he’s received in the three different barns he’s been boarded at over the last eight years. The farrier was top notch; his feet look fantastic, and the equine dentist was so wonderful to work with. Keep in mind, Blue is my old man at roughly 27-28 years old and he looks and acts fantastic! I highly recommend boarding with HHS if you are looking for a place for your horse. Adrienne takes care of all the horses as if they were her own. He was never lacking for anything. And the ride out is fabulous too! Thank you, Adrienne, for all the love and support you gave to me and Blue Jeans.” -Kathy

“This service offers wonderful support and cares so much about people! The staff are very supportive and try very hard to help!” -Kim

“Adrienne is a life saver… and I mean that truly! The love and care she has provided for my son is remarkable. Her knowledge of horses and their therapeutic relationship with humans is second to none.” -Melissa

“Adrienne has been preparing us for bringing our horses to our home farm through hands-on education lessons, and demonstrations. She has emphasized feeding, grooming, stable management, mucking, manure placement and control, vet and farrier preparedness all while using natural horsemanship handling techniques. She has helped me with both mounted and groundwork for a safe and enjoyable experience with my equines. Her background as a Recreational Therapist and PATH International Certified Instructor were extremely beneficial before and after my hip replacement. My QH Blue Jeans, who is well into his 20’s, has been boarded in her care for over four years and we could not be more impressed with his care or medical management when needed. Adrienne knows horses as well as she does people. That’s what makes this so perfect for her. She does everything from her heart and is backed by years of experience. I highly recommend Adrienne for help with your horses and help with your life with or without horses. She’s been there…” -Kathy

“Our lesson with Adrienne was amazing! She is an excellent teacher/instructor. My daughter was pretty anxious when we arrived at the stable. Adrienne put her at ease almost immediately. They went over some of the basics, did some grooming, then walked a couple of laps around the ring. My daughter was so happy and proud of herself when we left. What a confidence boost! We cannot wait until our next lesson!” -Andrea

“Just to update you on how effective your program is, I met Pat at her apartment complex where every Thursday at 1 PM they show a movie in the little theater and provide sodas, popcorn and candy. Pat introduced me to another friend of hers and now the three of us have a standing engagement for Thursdays at 1 PM to see a movie. See how the ripple effect works?” -Tonya

“Learning to focus on the moment but also sharing that moment with others who are experiencing the same grief as you was such a different experience. Adrienne and her staff as well as the Hospice counselors allowed each of us to open up in an entirely different way.” –Grief Group Participant 2023

“This was an amazing experience because I have never been close to horses and so do not- did not- understand the spiritually and connection that is possible.  It helped me view the world from a completely different perspective.  The care and leadership was heartwarming and I always felt completely safe. Thank you.” –Grief Group Participant 2023

“HHS provides a phenomenal equine assisted learning program for individuals to work on areas of communication, connection, leadership, practicing grounding techniques and setting boundaries.
I have had the opportunity to track individuals day to day progress through use of skills learned on the farm and with the herd. Improvements have been noted in work environments, therapy groups and home life through increased awareness of self and surroundings, allowing the participant to implement successful strategies in the moment. These participants have identified being able to visualize their work with the herd inorder to manage a stressful time at work or home.
I feel everyone, especially active duty or retired military who have experienced injury, illness or trauma would benefit from equine assisted learning at HHS.” -Cara, CTRS

“I volunteered (cleaning the barn!) earlier this year. The day we got to spend with you was one of the most meaningful and memorable days of my year.” –Volunteer

“HHS501C3 provides a boots-on-the-ground mental wellness modality of Equine Assisted Learning to serve those struggling with life’s challenges.” –Name withheld