Our Programs

Session fees support the program and herd.

One-To-One Evaluation


One-to-one evaluation and assessment with a tour of the facility
90 minutes

One-To-One Session

50-60 mins -$85
90 mins – $135

One to One session of Equine Assisted Learning for Personal Development

Group Session (EAL)


Group Sessions for up to 6 persons of EAL
90 minutes

Family Sessions

$135 for up to 6 family members

Family Sessions for up to 6 immediate family members
90 minutes

Mindful Moments with The Mobile Unit Program

$450 – $650

A mobile program that visits local colleges and universities, special camps and schools, skilled care facilities, and homebound patients.
2 Hours

Team Building Experience (EAL)

$85/hr/per person

HHS offers a 2 hour Team Building Experience for your business. Helping your team to strive for better outcome results. Through Equine Assisted Learning your team will grasp the nuances of non verbal alternative communication, the importance of respond versus react, and accepting each other’s uniqueness in managing struggles and challenges.

2 Hours

If you cannot keep your appointment, please allow for 48 hours’ notice. One late canceled appt is understood, and no fee will be charged. 2nd canceled or missed appt. is the full fee.
Much preparation and scheduling effort go into preparing for you to have a productive learning experience. This courtesy also allows us to provide this service to others or take the horses out for a leisurely hack.

Voluntold Program arranged by interview, hours predetermined by the Executive Director and parents, a donation to HHS 501C3.

Mindful Moments with The Mobile Unit within a 20-mile radius for 2 hours is $450.00. This includes education on Equine Assisted Learning and how it works. This would not be like your average petting zoo experience. Currently serving Shenandoah University and very well attended by both students and faculty!

“Exploring Grief through Equine Assisted Learning” Trilogy hosted in conjunction with Blue Ridge Hospice is my community philanthropy and is free of charge; donations are accepted to HHS 501C3 for this service. Held 3 weeks in a row four times per year.

The monthly sessions for Walter Reed National Military Medical Center are also free of charge. Held once monthly for four hours for up to 6 Walter Reed patients. These services are provided in honor and memory of my brother, David Eric McGrosky, a United States Army Sergeant First Class Veteran who died of suicide in 2016. Donations and Sponsorship of this program are also welcomed and needed.

Voluntold Program

Our “voluntold” program. Creates a recognition in youth of the importance of helping others. It starts out as a required task and commitment with responsibility to others. Helping strangers, looking beyond the mirror. Recognizing your healthy young body can serve those struggling with the challenges of life. Then as your hours keep adding up you actually look forward to coming. You begin to realize you are a piece of a much bigger picture. Your small mundane tasks create an atmosphere for the greater good of your community and beyond. Flying high on helping and service to others. Connecting with animals and each other while finding a better way. The Voluntold Program at Holistic Horsemanship Services 501C3.

Read Luke’s Story

Please contact Adrienne Freeland for more information regarding the “Voluntold Program”.

Any monthly sum helps to sponsor the current herd of 3 owned by the ED of HHS501C3. Costs include monthly property lease payments, feed, hay, bedding, manure removal, veterinarian care, farrier services, and occasional farm labor. If you or your business would like to sponsor a horse in its entirety, the fees are $850 for a pony and $1000 for a horse per month. These fees cover all costs and any overage is towards our donated programming of grief support groups and Walter Reed Army Medical Center sessions.

Our personal herd is aging, and openings do occur. This is NOT a boarding facility, due to the confidentiality and privacy needed for our services. Excellent care, with physical, cognitive, and mental stimulation provided daily with stall time and paddock time daily. Visitation is by appointment.
(We are not in a financial position to accept Free Leases or Free Horses without being fully sponsored.) Although we do thank you for considering us.

If you would like to consider sponsoring your own horse for this program please contact us.