What does Holistic Horsemanship Services 501(C)3 need?

  • A Gator 4+ passenger with dump bed.

  • A $200 monthly donation covers feed and supplements for three herd members currently sponsored by Volunteer Executive Director.

  • A $300 per month contribution sponsors manure removal.

  • A $450 per month donation covers Hay for the herd.

  • A one-time donation of $500 covers a home visit to an infirmed individual occasionally requested by Hospice.

  • A $500 per month donation covers bedding for the herd. Shavings/bedding are currently $7.50 per bag. We use approximately 20-25 bags per week.

  • A $1,000 monthly donation allows for 12-15 hours of farm labor so the Volunteer Executive Director can deliver more services.

  • A $1,000 per month sponsors an EAL Equine Assisted Learning horse. Including rent, feed, hay, farrier, bedding, manure management, and excellent care! Plus, your name is on the stall.

  • A $1,800 one-time donation covers Exploring Grief through Equine Assisted Learning trilogy of sessions, three 90-minute sessions for up to 10-12 participants. This program is offered three times yearly in collaboration with Blue Ridge Hospice. To sponsor the entire year, the donation would equal $5,400. Volunteer ED currently hosts it.

  • A $2,000 per month donation covers a monthly four-hour session for up to 6 Walter Reed participants. They are also called Active military personnel of the DC, Md, and Va. Areas. Sessions include Equine Assisted Learning to address Recreational Therapy goals: Creekside lunch and a craft activity with morning yoga, coffee, and snacks. Volunteer ED currently sponsors them.

HHS 501 (C) 3 Currently serving Blue Ridge Hospice and Walter Reed Army Hospital, also called Active Military of the D, M, V. both free of charge.
All sessions provided for Boulder Crest Foundation and Shenandoah University are paid for through donations to HHS 501(C)3. All horses boarded are considered sponsored and paid for through donations to HHS 501(C)3.

Thank you for attending our Lions Monthly meeting last Thursday.
It was a pleasure making your acquaintance.
It was a delightful presentation learning about Holistic Horsemanship Services and how your organization makes an impact on the community and people’s lives.
The Purcellville Lions will be contributing $500.00 to your organization. Please expect a check to be forthcoming
Have a great Thanksgiving.

Ken Spellman
President Purcellville Lions Club