• 18915 Lincoln Road
    Purcellville, VA 20132
  • 1.904.477.1016

  • Mon – Sat . 9.00 – 18.00

Property Rules

Please follow gravel driveway to back of barn.

Please DO NOT park in front of barn and do NOT enter private home above barn.

Please be thoughtful and mindful of our country roads by significantly slowing down and respectfully allowing space for vehicles to share the narrow roadway.

Please pause at the gates of New Hope Farm and take in the incredible views. Your experience has already started when you make this small effort.

Please dress comfortably and suitably for outdoor adventures. Insurance requires closed-toed sturdy shoes. Sneakers are ok; boots are strongly encouraged.
Our mascot JLo the GOAT is often walking about helping us with chores. She may even sit in the middle of our drive to welcome you. We request a speed limit of no more than 5mph once you enter the gates. Please stay on the driveway and keep left, which brings you down to the back of the barn.

Please Park neatly and straight and close to the other cars. Goats, horses, and farmers are all about the property, and we try to keep them safe.

Please do not interact with the horses before signing in at the office.

The work here is called Equine Assisted Learning or EAL for Personal Development. This is a groundwork-based program.
In Gratitude for your participation.

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